New 2 Tier Spice Rack/ Bathroom Rack with 3 Hooks


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happy time in the kitchen begins… with this easy to assemble spice rack. Mount the 2 shelves on the 2 side frames and you can start creating order – no screws, no tools, no hassle!
More comfort in everyday life: pepper, salt, chilli, curry and other spices can be placed on the top shelf. Olive oil and soy sauces can be placed on the bottom shelf at the back, but are still easily accessible. Everything is close to you when cooking
All requirements are fulfilled: knives, forks, spoons and wipes are also looking for a cosy nest in the kitchen. A removable cutlery holder and 3 hooks welcome them all. The cutlery holder and hooks can be freely attached.
Balance is achieved. Does everything wobble and flumble when you take spices out of the shelf? Really annoying! Fortunately, our spice rack is equipped with adjustable feet, making it firm and stable on your surfaces.
What you get: a sturdy 2-tier spice rack with 1 removable cutlery holder, 3 practical hooks, 4 adjustable feet – all-round helper that works wonders in your kitchen or in your bathroom.