Cat Litter Box Furniture Hidden House Wood Storage Bench Enclosure Cabinet



STILL IN BOX! Sells new online for $123. Our price $95. This cat litter box bench (37.3†L x 18.9†W x 22.4†H) is a savvy way to conceal litter boxes and keep messes contained, providing your feline friend a private spot to do its business. The X-shaped patterns give it a modern look to serve as a standard bench, cabinet, or end table. This elegant piece of furniture is a stylish addition to any home.

Made from premium density board (CARB P2) with a pet-friendly espresso finish, this cat washroom furniture is scratch-resistant, waterproof, sturdy and durable. The reinforced bottom with 4 elevated feet provide the whole structure with extra stability and prevent moisture from entering.

This cat washroom bench features a spacious inner (35.2†L x 16.1†W x 18.5†H), which is suitable for litter boxes of most sizes (best from 4L to 15L), confining all litter messes inside. It comes with a removable partition wall to create a space to store cat food, scoops, trash bags and other supplies; Or it can be completely removed to meet your needs.

The ample top with 3 raised sides can serve as a typical side table to add a lamp, books, potted plants, or other items for decoration, creating a warm atmosphere. A soft cushion can also be put on to make it a cozy bed for your lovely cat or a comfortable seat for temporary use (support weight up to 132 lbs).

Magnetized double doors with cut-out handles are equipped to give you easy access to clean and decorate the inner. Two side entrances (6.7†W x 8.3†H) are designed for your pet to access, which can be interchanged to suit the room it is used in

This cabinet with 9 pre-cut holes on the back insures the inner dry with an excellent air circulation. These holes can also be used as cord access for electronic litter boxes.

CW12H0329 (RB Line)

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