Brand New 4pcs White Dining Chair in Sapling Bird Nest Design



Color: White + Silver

Main Material: PP + Galvanized Steel Pipe
Quantity: 4
Net Weight: 32.6 lbs (4 pieces)/8.1 (each)
Overall Dimensions: 20.9”L x 20.9”W x 30.7”H
Seat Dimensions: 19.6”W x 16.1”D x 14.9”H

Perfect for dining rooms, living rooms, offices, patios, reception centers, stores, etc
Spacious molded plastic seat with a curved backrest for comfort
Slightly splayed steel base with a chrome finish for sturdiness, stability and durability
Lightweight for easy move (net weight of 8.1 lbs)
Easy assembly (just required to connect the base with the seat)

HG61P0825b (7F)

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