New Dental Extra oral Suction Unit


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STILL IN BOX! Sells new online for $800. Our price $600. This unit is a durable workhorse that requires little maintenance. The 5 foot arm can adjust in the x,y, and z planes. The LED UVC light and plasma generator are located above the HEPA filter helping to make sure all contaminates are destroyed. This unit is classified as an extraoral suction unit and is fully FDA compliant.

RP1 Specs:

Noise: 55dB

2 per-filters to prolong the HEPA filter’s life.

HEPA 13 Rated Filtration >99.97% (particles that are 0.3-micron (0.000012-inch) and bigger)

Air Volume: 3000L/Min

5,000V Plasma

254NM UVC LED light

Volts: 110v

Power: new 250W DC brushless motor

Dimension:9x17x47 inches

Weight: 42lbs