New COOCHEER Heavy-Duty Car Tire Wheel Lock Anti-Theft Lock



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Car Wheel Clamp, Security Lock with Key, Size Adjustable
Material: Cold Rolled Sheet Steel, Rubber
Colour: Yellow
Size: 75 x 25 cm/29.25 x 9.75 inch (approx)
Package Dimensions: 68 x 35 x 17 cm/26.52 x 13.65 x 6.63 inch (approx)
Houses tyre diameter: 780 mm
Houses tyres Width: 280 mm
Package weight: 6.44 kg ca.
Lock Type: Lock Wheel
Suitable vehicle: trailers for boats, caravans, trailers, SUV, ETC.
Suggestion of use:
Wheel Diameter adjustable
Fits almost all types of vehicles
Protects against tampering
Easy to install or remove with 2 keys
Very easy to use with the soft grip handles
Protection of rubber wheel clamp for bits prevent damage to tyres
Ideal for car parks Long Period, forecourts, gardens of sale of cars and trailers

OS004653 (BK Cab)

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