Infrared Electric Quartz Heater Living Room Space Heating Radiant Fire Tower

The Quartz Radiant tower heater is an excellent choice to use as a supplemental heating source during the cold weather months. The Quartz Heating Element Provides Quick and Quiet Heat with 2 Heat Settings (600/1200 watts) The lightweight of the heater allows for easy portability, users can place it in their bedroom, bathroom, living room or guest room. Reflective heating is both safe and healthy-it produces no odors, chemicals, or fumes, and does not stir up dust. As a safety feature, the heater’s exterior does not get as warm to reduce the risk of burns from anyone or anything touching the heater while in use. Remarkably efficient, our heater uses less power to create the same amount of heat as traditional heaters. Equipped with safety tip-over switch and overheat auto-off, the heater is safe and reliable.
Voltage Rating:120 V (60Hz)
Power Consumption:600W/ 1200W
Dimension:11in. (L) x 6.7in. (W) x 22.4in. (H)
Unit Weight:8.8lbs
Heat for a room area of up to 160 square feet
Two heat settings:High/Low
It can use directly without installing.
Heat spreads evenly , warm room quietly and effectively
Safety Tip-Over:If the heater is tipped or tilted while in operation, it will automatically shut off
Dimension:11in. (L) x 6.7in. (W) x 22.4in. (H)