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At LightBox Furniture, we distribute affordable furniture in new condition! Fill your home with durable and fashionable pieces. We are constantly updating our inventory, so watch out: items are snatched up quickly. Be sure to grab your favorites before they’re gone!

Showing 1–12 of 222 results

Showing 1–12 of 222 results

Heart for Helping Others

We are proud to offer budget furniture, but we also have a huge heart for helping others. Beyond furniture, we are an organization that is dedicated to our neighborhoods, activism, and art! Proceeds from our sales go directly back into our community. 

The team at LightBox Furniture is passionate about humanitarian activism, animal rescue, and creative fundraisers. Proceeds that go towards local talent and entertainer endeavors make a difference in the lives of a zealous artist. With these funds, they are able to create more art, inspire more creativity, and thrive as an artist. 

Compassionate Workers

From day one, we knew that LiteBox Furniture was more than just a budget furniture outlet. Litebox Furniture is a creative stepping stone between providing people with high-quality furniture at affordable prices and supporting activism.

Founded by a collective of artists and entertainers, we are proud members of our local art community. A portion of our funds also goes towards creating art, so that through us, we can make sure artists in our city thrive. The passion that we have for helping others, contributing to the arts, and making a difference in our community is what breathes life into our business and mission. 

Explore our Selections

Explore our furniture selections and shop your favorites before they’re gone! We are constantly restocking our inventory, but our items fly off the shelves. With our affordable prices, it’s now easier than ever to furnish your entire home or apartment with durable furniture that will not wreck your budget. Shop dressers, lamps, desks, tables, and more with LiteBox Furniture!