A dog with two girls and their mother.

Dog Stories

Dogs Stories



Daisy was rescued by another shelter from a hoarding situation. Sadly, she was one of many breeding dogs. She was flea infested with a bad skin infection that caused her to lose most of her fur. She is blind in her right eye with a cherry in her left & a hematoma in her right ear. The other shelter started treatment & called ali.
Ali is working diligently with our vet to provide all the care daisy needs to get well.
Please note: daisy is not available for adoption just yet.



Please note: DJ is not available for adoption at this time
DJ came from a shelter in il. They called us when they realized he was having issues standing/walking. Dj will receive extensive x-rays on feb 21 to attempt to see what is going on.
We have been told he is afraid cats, likes dogs, but has never been with children.



Ollie came to ali after being hit by a car; he needed surgery to repair his broken pelvis. When we did x-rays we also discovered he had hip dyspepsia and we have scheduled a corrective surgery. He loves to run and play tug. He is a very smart dog and would love an owner to challenge him with new tricks. Ollie will do best in a single dwelling home with a fenced yard.



Reyes arrived to animal lifeline from another shelter who noticed he was having issues with his leg. After arriving to ali, it was discovered he has an infection in his paw, we are treating & monitoring. He is well socialized and loves people. He will do best in a home with children over 12 years-old.


This is Cricket and she needs medical intervention due to her disgusting owner’s neglect, Cricket was surrendered to the shelter by her owner and they were told she got into a fight- which is a downright lie. Cricket Is also full of milk and her previous disgusting owner refused to give up her babies. Her trauma that is all over her body is due to an embedded harness, a harness that she grew into that was way too small and has caused significant damage, she needs wound care. She will get her wounds addressed at the hospital and will jump on the transport bus with 12 other unwanted homeless dogs.
Will you consider donating to Cricket’s medical care and transport costs?


HOLY BATGIRL! Batgirl was found emaciated tied to a tree and brought into the shelter by animal control. Get this, she’s 15 pounds! Min pin pit mix? All I know is that she has those desperate gerbil eyes I could never turn down and a bobbed tail. She is desperately loving and affectionate, maybe to a fault? Probably not. Here is what she doesn’t know:
She doesn’t know we are pulling her from the shelter and getting her on the freedom truck to the vet.
What she doesn’t know is that we will find her a family that has been waiting for her and wondering where she has been their whole lives. This is the preview of one lucky family’s dreams, the love letters are already written in our hearts to you little Batgirl


A heartworm positive dog in a rural shelter that is closed to the public, we named her Abba . She got put on the transport truck today and we decided to pull 2 more heartworm positive dogs from the same shelter. Yes, we pulled them specifically because they are heartworms positive. MOST dogs down south that are over two years old (sometimes 1 yrs) that we pull from shelters are heartworms positive. In most cases it is 100 percent treatable. Heartworms treatment costs vary per vet , it is very expensive. Finances should not determine whether an animal’s life is spared, they all deserve equal opportunity and they are all wonderful dogs. Along with Abba, we yeeted Scott and Charmin into the transport truck as well. Vetting for all 3 heartworms positive dogs plus Abba’s other ailments, vaccines, alter, fecals, chipping , transport etc will be well over $3,000 for these 3 dogs. We have raised enough for Abba but Scott and Charmin need funds as well. Again, we stand 100 percent committed to pulling as many heartworms positive dogs as we can. Any financial contribution towards Scott and Charmin is most certainly appreciated.

A black and white rescue dog being comforted on a leash.


As everyone has been hearing, most shelters have been closed to the public for adoptions and are rescue only pulls for the animals. On top of this precaution and hurdle, a lot of interstate travel bans are taking place and in some states you now have to have a commercial license to cross state lines. It seems as every day that goes by, these precautions and regulations are getting stricter and stricter. We said this 3 weeks ago and I’m repeating myself today, We stand 100 percent committed to pulling as many shelter animals as possible before it becomes nearly impossible. We are pulling animals 7 days a week and we will not stop. This is the group I want to try and get on the truck tomorrow, we have been asked by a small rural shelter in Georgia to help these kiddos. Some are very afraid right now, some are very sick with heartworms. Names have not been assigned to this group of dogs and they are not on our website right now because they are still at the Kill- shelter