About Us


The world is an ever changing place. Some things will never be what they once were for our future generations. As human beings, what we can do is replace what they miss out on, with greater things, so no generation grows up without the golden dream which is the American dream. In search of that dream, a few artists decided to come together to form Litebox Furniture. Some of our ideas were different, but they were all great. The common thread that we all shared was helping humanity and animals.


Instead of complaining about the epidemic of homelessness in Los Angeles, we come in the middle, understanding the needs of both the homeowners and the homeless to make a positive change in our communities. We take direct action to help the neighborhood stay beautiful and safe while helping the homeless regain their independence, social skills and social consciousness. Our company provides the homeless with fresh clean clothes and hygiene products, as well as cleaning up the sidewalks they sleep on. These are just some small steps that will help them to think clearly and rationally so they focus on changing and bettering their lives.

Through Litebox, we donate to veterinarians and local rescue centers who provide shelter and medical care to rescued animals, and give them a second chance at life. As companion animals they teach us how to love and be loved. We need to take a page out of their book, and treat all living beings equally without judgement. These animals deserve the best, because that is all they give to us.

Our mission is to create a positive change in our communities by helping animals and humans at the same time.


We saw that many people have furniture they don’t use or just throw away. Instead of it going straight to the garbage can, we came up with the idea of taking everyone’s furniture they may not have use for, refurbishing the furniture and reselling it to make an immediate change. Your piece of furniture can go a long way.


By selling furniture that has been donated to us, we are able to change lives now instead of later. Our tenacity to achieve our goals is unrivaled, as we are willing to do whatever it takes to help change a life, canvassing in the streets campaigning for the homeless and animals.

We want everyone to join together in our mission. Please donate furniture or any other household items to help raise money to make a change in our communities and change a life!

Proceeds from your donation go towards helping the homeless, rescued Animals and operational costs